Compound Homes is particular about who will be accepted as tenants for properties. References, proof of employment, good credit history, and a criminal record background check will be required.

Leasehold properties are meticulously maintained while under our care.


Our goal is to quickly rehab and resell each property in order to keep holding costs to a minimum and maximizing our profits. 20% of property acquisitions will be keep and maintained as leasehold properties.

Compound Homes will seek to hire an experienced and reliable general contractor to estimate costs and order repair according to the rehab process. Over time we expect to acquire skills to perform some jobs and save money. Only licensed, insured and bonded contractors will be hired to perform work on behalf of Compound Homes. We seek to provide professional and reliable updates and renovations to our property investments. We will use a rule of obtaining 3 written estimates for each repair job. We expect to receive estimated costs, deliverable breakdowns, payment terms, and a finish date with each estimate. Payment terms for contractors will be negotiated according to what is fair for both parties.

We will focus initially on displaying the property in an aesthetically pleasing way. Initial rehabbing may include: interior and exterior cleaning, new paint, or carpet. Specific sections of the home may be rehabbed based on increasing the return of investment.


Once the rehab is complete, we will begin to market the property with a sales contract. Signs will be placed in the yard of the property and it will be added to the Georgia Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We can also market the property using internet advertising.

The sale price will be based on the maximum purchase price created in the beginning of this project. Initially, our real estate agent will handle the sales contract where the buyer assumes all closing costs.